December 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Mom and Dad took me to Krueger's Tree Farm on Saturday to cut down a Christmas tree.

We were given a sled to help us drag the tree back to the barn where they bag the trees, and I was able to ride in the sled while we searched for our tree. I thought that was pretty fun.

After we found our tree and Dad cut it down, I helped bring it to the barn.

Then, we stopped for lunch, and I played with Mom's gloves and headband. 

Once we got home, I was pretty excited to help decorate the tree. Mom and Dad bought some shatter-resistant ornaments just for me.

Even though it was my first time decorating one, I knew exactly what to do. 

I made this ornament for my first Christmas. My feet were so tiny!

I'm pretty excited about my tree and the lights on it. And I can't wait for Christmas morning.

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