March 25, 2012

Maple Syrup and a Haircut

Yesterday morning I went to Lake Maria State Park with Mom and Dad for a demonstration on how to tap for maple syrup. I also got to taste some real maple syrup.

We were shown how they cook the maple syrup at the park.

And we were shown how a maple tree is tapped for its sap. 

Although there were taps in a couple trees and buckets under the taps, because spring came so early this year, the season for collecting sap is already over, and no sap was dripping from the trees for the demonstration. 

The guy giving the talk said it was the first time in the thirty years he's been working for the park that there was no sap dripping for the maple syrup event. It was still fun to go and we got to visit a park we hadn't been to before. 

We did a short hike in the park after the demonstration, then we headed back towards home. Dad decided he needed a haircut. A kid haircut place was conveniently located next to the salon Dad goes to, so Mom took me to get my hair cut, too. She's been wanting to do it for a little while now.

I looked so cute with my new hair that Mom and Dad chose to take a detour to Elm Creek Park and take some pictures of me. By the time we got there the sun was out and the air was almost like summer.

I love walking in the park.

Dad spotted a bug on the path. I wanted to hold the bug in my hand, so Mom picked it up for me. He crawled over my hand and onto my arm...

...then up on my shoulder, where he finally flew away.

We spent the rest of our walk looking for more bugs and listening to frogs in the water and birds in the trees. I'm loving this spring!


Sara said...

Wow, I'm fascinated. I mean, I knew maple syrup came from trees, but I guess I never thought about how they get it out.

Also, the haircut is adorable.

Evie & Evie's Mom said...

Thank you Sara!

Rach said...

Oh wow, I was just recently reading an article about how the maple syrup industry has been suffering from this year's crazy weather. Apparently, we should expect syrup prices to go up.