March 22, 2013

Watercolor Painting

While waiting for spring to arrive, I've had to get creative.

The past few weeks, I've been putting my energy into art projects, from coloring with markers, to painting with watercolors. 

I begged Mom to get my watercolors out today, and she did, along with the camera.

By begging, I mean that I repeated over and over, "Mom, I want to paint. Mom, I want to paint. Mom, I want to paint." 

I just love tapping into my artistic side.

My goal is always to cover the entire piece of paper with whatever I'm using, whether it's paints, markers, stickers, or stamps.

I work very hard at my craft.

And sometimes I have a little fun.

I like to sing or whistle while I work.

And I like to set myself up in front of a big, sunny window in the living room.

I tried to get Mom to paint with me

 It's okay that she didn't want to, I guess.

We still had fun together anyway.

I used every color available on my picture.

By the way, it's a portrait of Mom.

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