March 3, 2014

Music Under Glass

We made an attempt to escape the cold.

We made it as far Como Park Zoo and Conservatory for their last "Music Under Glass" performance.

Every Sunday night from early January to the first of March, local musicians perform in the sunken garden room at the conservatory. Using overhead speakers, the music can be heard in other parts of the conservatory, as well. Except, for this performance, we could hardly hear the musicians anywhere other than the room where they played. 

We would have liked to hear more of the music, but we still enjoyed walking around the warm gardens.

Evie especially liked visiting the koi pond. It is her favorite part of the conservatory.

Too soon it was time to leave and head back out into the windy, below zero temperatures. We reached our 50th day this winter with a below zero temperature reading.

Woo hoo.

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