March 9, 2014

Winter Thaw

I don't dare say that spring is arriving just yet. There's still time for winter and well below freezing temperatures to return. But I can at least say that the feeling that winter is eternal is slowly beginning to ebb away.

Also disappearing is our snow pack. It's not melting quickly, but it is melting. There is a visible difference between today and a few days ago.

Temperatures today reached into the low 40s. If the sun shines tomorrow, we might hit 50 degree.

I helped Evie into her winter gear this afternoon and she spent over an hour outside playing in the snow. Even when she went back inside the house, it was only because she lost both of her snow boots in the snow (trying to climb through a deep section) and I ushered her inside while I retrieved them.

Sand toys turned snow toys

1... 2... 3...


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