April 25, 2012

Arboretum Visit Part Deux

Mom had to head back to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this week to exchange an item she bought at the gift store. We had no plans yesterday, and the weather was predicted to be sunny and in the 70s, so we headed back to the arboretum with the plan to walk around and explore some more.

We checked out the Learning Center, which includes displays for kids. There wasn't much for me to look at. Most of the exhibits inside the building were for older kids. But they are building an outdoor garden area that will have a section specifically designed for toddlers to explore, as well as a section for infants to explore. 

We walked through the tulips again. 

Mom took more photos of crabapple blossoms.

We came across these pretty bluebells.

And Mom took more photos of the rosebud.

We then decided to explore a hike through a bog and some woods. On our way we passed a grassy area near a pond with daffodils planted all over.

The swamp/bog area was pretty, with budding leaves on the trees and bushes, and the swamp marigolds in bloom.

We crossed a boardwalk...

...then hiked through a forest area.

I collected sticks while Mom looked for wildflowers.

Mom snapped one more tulip photo before we left. 

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