April 14, 2012

Lebanon Hills Regional Park

We visited a park in St. Paul, MN today called Lebanon Hills Regional Park. There are miles of trails, including hiking, equestrian, and biking trails, as well as many lakes for fishing, canoeing, or kayaking.

We stopped first in the visitor center. There were the usual maps and brochures you find at a park's visitor center, and there was a large room with various activities for kids like me. On a large table sat bones, antlers, feathers, rocks, and various other natural items for touching. Another table had puzzles, a third table had paper and crayons for coloring, and there was a corner area with a few other toys.

I was quite interested in touching all the different natural items, including this skull...

...this fur...

...this turtle shell...

...and this pine cone.

I found an owl toy amongst the natural things, and I was pretty excited about that particular find. 

 We left the visitor center to walk a .83 mile loop around a small lake.

We spotted some small, pretty flowers. These are the first we've seen in the woods this spring.

I kept remarking to Mom and Dad about how tall the trees in the woods are. They're really, really tall!

Mom enjoyed snapping some photos showing the spring growth. Because of the cooler and very windy weather we've had the last couple weeks, she hasn't been able to get out to take as many pictures of blooms and budding leaves as she'd like. 

About halfway through the walk I got a little tired and asked to ride on Dad's shoulders. Mom made a mental note to put my stroller back in the car for these kinds of outings. It gets a little tiring carrying the camera bag and me together, or carrying the diaper bag and me together.

Once I got enough rest, I was ready to walk again. I collected two leaves from the path and had to show Dad.

Back by the visitor center is a small beach for swimming. Mom thought I would run right up to play in the water, but all I cared about was walking in the sand. I wanted to dig in it for a while, too, but Mom and Dad were ready to go find somewhere to eat lunch, so we left the park.

It's definitely a place that is on our list to visit again.

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