April 12, 2012

Gale Woods Farm

We had beautiful weather today. It was 60 degrees, with only a slight breeze in the air. Mom took advantage of such pleasant weather and took me to a farm called Gale Woods. It's a real working farm where they hold various programs for kids. It's located near Lake Minnetonka (a little to the west of the Twin Cities).

Today's event at the farm was part of Farmyard Fun Days

We first stopped to look at and pet some days-old chicks. Mom wanted to take this one home with her. He/she was quite interested in the camera!

Then we stopped off to pet a cow and a sheep dog. Unfortunately, Mom didn't get a chance to step away to get a picture of me with either of those animals. I was too nervous about touching them (they were much bigger than me!), and I made Mom stick by my side.

We moved on to other animals more my size: lambs. 

I had to test whether the adult sheep wool was as soft as the lamb wool.

I thought it was pretty silly when this lamb jumped up on her mom. 

Mom took me to a room with some toys and a coloring station to get a break from all the school groups visiting the farm. I was getting a little overwhelmed with a bunch of older kids running around by me. I wasted no time locating the crayons. 

After our break we headed for a walk around the outside of the barn. I stopped by the chicken coop for the third time (it's right by the door to the visitor center). I guess I like chickens.

I posed for Mom against a bale of hay.

And I tried to follow some sheep out in the pasture.

Some trees are already quite green, but this one was just beginning to bud out.

As we left the farm, I said one last goodbye to the lambs. I had a really great day!


Rach said...

I love checking out all these outings you go on! I think the parks/activities in your city could truly give the bay area a run for its money! (Based on what I'm seeing!) Evie, you're growing up so fast!

Evie & Evie's Mom said...

This area is definitely very family friendly! It's one of the reasons we agreed it would be a good idea to move. I've been really impressed with all there is to do here.