June 4, 2013

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Over Memorial Day weekend, I visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum with Mom and Dad.

It was a chilly, overcast day that threatened rain.

We've had quite a few of those days lately.

We've gotten a lot of rain, too.

It has been a little difficult making plans to get outside.

I'm ready for lots of sunshine.

Despite the lack of sun, lots of flowers are now blooming.

Many lilacs were toward the end of their blooming cycle, but were still very pretty.

Some crabapples were still holding on to their blooms, as well.

My favorite parts of the arboretum include the fountains near the visitor center. 

The tulips in our yard were mostly done blooming, especially after hard downpours pelted the poor petals.

There were still many pretty tulips in bloom at the arboretum.

That made Mom happy.

After the tulips, we took our time going through the Home Demonstration Garden.

Mom took notes of the names of plants she recognized are in the yard.

She also took notes of designs she liked, and other flowers she might like to add to the collection.

I was mostly interested in finding grassy areas where I could run and tumble.

Thankfully, the arboretum has plenty of those.

We moved on from the Home Demonstration Garden to the Japanese Garden.

One nice thing about all the rain is how green everything is now.

I got hungry and tired of walking around, so I headed back to the car with Mom and Dad.

We drove the 3-mile-drive loop through the arboretum.

And we made one last stop at the iris garden.

Dad and I sat in the car eating snacks while Mom snapped a few photos.

There were only a few types of irises in bloom, but they were all pretty, or so I heard from Mom.

There were also a couple of geese nearby the irises, preening on the shore of a pond.

Mom realized the geese were not shy, so she got up close to one to take its portrait.

Surprisingly, it was quite willing to have its picture taken, only hissing at Mom once.

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