June 10, 2013


I went to the International Children's Festival in Saint Paul a little over a week ago. This was our second year attending the festival. It may become something we try to get to every year. It was a lot of fun, with various activities for me to engage in, and the free outside performance either year did not disappoint.

Last year's performance was fun to watch, but was certainly designed for a young audience, like me. This year's performance, though, was entertaining for anyone of any age, unless you're a curmudgeon, then, well, nothing will entertain you. 

While waiting for this year's performance, I attempted my own acrobatic trick. I was playing on a low wall, when I fumbled and somersaulted off the wall, onto the ground. I was more surprised than hurt, and after a few frowns and a little hug from Dad and Mom, I was back to normal.

The performers were a group of two girls, two guys called Australia's Strange Fruit. This particular act was called Swoon.

The actors climb 14' poles and strap themselves into a stilt platform with a harness. Then they can bend, twist, and spin as they perform their act above the audience.

The poles can bend so far, the performers are able to hand things to audience members.

The performance was set to music, and I really enjoyed watching the people swing and twirl in the air. Having the city buildings as a backdrop was pretty neat, too.

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