February 20, 2014

If You Can't Beat It...

Three days of above freezing temperatures have ended with a snowstorm. The last I checked, we are supposed to get 6-10" of snow. And it appears we are not leaving behind deep freezing temperatures just yet. In the 10-day forecast, it's predicted that we will have a couple of days with sub-zero highs. There's just no real break with this winter.

At least with the warm up, I was able to get outside with Evie. We took walks and played in the snow. She was really happy to spend time outside.

With the snowstorm beginning today in the early afternoon, and the temperatures remaining in the 30s, I thought it would be fun to get out Evie's rain umbrella and take some pictures, some pictures with color in them. Evie loves walking around with her umbrella.

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