February 1, 2014

Winter Carnival Ice Sculptures

How many days are there until spring?

Forty seven.

Except, we live in Minnesota. Spring, at least spring-like weather (above freezing weather), is more likely to arrive in April rather than March. Or, if this year is like last year, spring won't come until May.

While we shovel snow in windy, frigid temperatures, practice the art of digging out a (twice) stuck Honda Civic, and chop up solid chunks of road snow left by the plow truck at the end of our parking spot (so the car can stop getting stuck), we don't think about spring, or anywhere with weather warmer than us. It leaves us too bitter. Instead, we just feel ridiculous for having chosen to move to this state.

Kidding aside, it has been a little rough this winter.

Today, we decided to check out some ice sculptures in a park in downtown Saint Paul that were carved for the Winter Carnival. It's the first time we've gotten out for something during the Winter Carnival that actually has to do with winter (i.e. it's the first time we've done something more than attend the orchid show at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory). We're taking baby steps as we learn to embrace winter here.

The ice sculptures were interesting and fun to see. We toured the park and were back to the car within 20 minutes, though. I don't know about Jon and Evie, but I don't know if I'll ever fully acclimate to the cold here.

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