May 19, 2014

Arbor Day Event

This past weekend, a nearby recreation center hosted an Arbor Day event. Jon volunteered at a table, handing out tree seedlings and answering any questions someone might have about trees. Unfortunately, there were fewer people who attended the event than anticipated. However, Evie had fun, and she took advantage of the smaller crowd. Nearby the information tables were a couple of climbing activities for kids, including a rock wall and a rope ladder. The lines at these activities remained short, so Evie was able to go back and try them over and over again.

Getting ready to climb a rope ladder

First time on the rope ladder, and this is about as far up as she got

Testing the rock wall next, with a little more success at climbing higher

Another rope ladder attempt

"Look how high I am, Mom!"

Ringing the bell at the top

Dropping/swinging down was half the fun

A quick hello to Smokey The Bear

We're finally experiencing more spring-like weather, now that it is getting to be the latter half of May. And we're finally beginning to see a few more blooms in the garden...

Like tulips...

And pussytoes...

And meadow rue...

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