May 22, 2014

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Now that we live pretty close to Como Park Zoo, you'll probably be seeing more and more photos of this place. I don't get tired of visiting there, and neither does Evie.

I went on Tuesday this week thinking it wouldn't be too busy, being a weekday and all. Except, apparently every school in the area had nothing else they could do with their students on this particular day, so they schlepped them all to Como (admittedly, it was a GORGEOUS day and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it indoors, either). So, from the pictures, it looks like all we did was visit the conservatory gardens and the rainforest exhibit. But we did visit the animals. They were mostly napping and blocked anyway by hordes of kids. 

So, yeah, we toured the zoo part first, then we walked through the gardens. Big difference between the zoo and gardens crowd-wise. I guess ferns and flowers aren't worth making the field-trip agenda.

And, of course, when we got home, I could not resist a few photos of the flowers and plants in the garden.

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