April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend: Minnesota Zoo

After finding my Easter basket, Mom and Dad put me in the car, and we headed to the Minnesota Zoo.

First, we saw Snow Monkeys.

Then we saw some albino bunnies, and some chicks. I really liked the chicks.

In an area where they had fish, there was an open pool I was ready to jump into and go swimming. There were also some very pretty sea horses.

Dad put me on his shoulders so I could see some of the animals easier.

Some areas were really busy and it was kind of hard to get a good look at the animals.

Mom and Dad enjoyed watching the tiger. I didn't notice him much. He was a little too far away for me.

The prairie dogs came up close to the edge of their habitat, though. It was fun hearing them "bark."

I wasn't very impressed with the camels, either. They just kind of stood there. Mom and Dad liked them, though.

We made it to an area arranged like a farm. I liked the chicken coop. Mom and Dad liked it, too, mostly because they were able to get these pictures.

I had some close encounters with some goats. It was a little scary at times because they got so close to my face! I liked touching them, and I even fed a pellet to one of them.

We ate lunch after seeing all the farm animals. All the excitement combined with the food in my tummy helped me pass right out in the stroller.

Mom and Dad took some time to check out one last area in the zoo while I slept, the Tropical Trail. I missed these guys (West African Dwarf Crocodiles).

I did wake up before we left, and I had a good conversation with Dad about all the animals we had seen.

And that was the end to my Easter weekend.

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terra cotta momma said...

I love the egg picture, too adorable!