April 3, 2011

Mississippi Valley National Wildlife Refuge

It was 50 degrees out yesterday and most of the snow had melted, so Mom and Dad took me to a playground, then a wildlife refuge where we hiked around and checked out part of the flooded Mississippi River.

The river even covered part of the trail we were on, but we were able to get around it and keep going. I was getting tired of riding in my (awesome off-road) stroller, so I got out and hiked a while.

As we neared the end of the trail (it was a loop), we came to a rather big staircase. Mom wasn't too happy to have to climb the staircase with the stroller. I tried to make it up by myself, but got too tired halfway up to keep going, so Dad let me ride on his shoulders.

I enjoyed getting out, walking in the woods, and listening to geese honk when we were down by the river. Mom said she spotted a couple of bald eagles, but they never came close enough for me to see. 

Later today or tomorrow Mom will post pictures that Dad took with our better camera.

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