August 31, 2011

Cloudy Day at Lake Camelot

The last couple of days have been cloudy. Mom thinks it's been nice. She likes the sun, but it's nice to have clouds now and then, too. It rained yesterday. Before the rain came, Mom took me for a walk. We spotted some very pretty flowers.

I took a rest on a park swing. 

And I pointed out a bug to Mom.

Mom took advantage of the even light to experiment a little.

I tried chasing after these birds, but they were too fast for me. 

Then Mom had me sit in my stroller while she took more photos of birds because she was afraid I'd go running right off the boardwalk. 

As we were finishing up our walk it began to sprinkle. Mom had a few more pictures she wanted to take, then we got in the car and rode home.

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