August 15, 2011

Swimming, Floating, and Playing

We spent part of a day by a lake called Navajo Lake.

First, we spotted some osprey trying to fish, or maybe trying to teach its younger ones how to fish.

Then we watched as some family floated around on the lake in rafts.

I played in the water on the shore. As usual, I had a lot of fun.

Dad let me float around near the shore for a few minutes before we left the lake. 

After we got back to the cabin, I settled into the room with the books and toys, where the rest of my cousins were playing.

My grandpa cooked some hamburgers on the grill.

My dad and an uncle cooked hot dogs over a fire. Some of my older cousins brought out camp chairs so they could sit by the fire.

I had to take a look at it myself.

And wash my hands off in the water from the hose.

Dinner was good!

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