August 16, 2011

Hike to a Waterfall and Cedar Breaks National Monument

We spent a morning hiking to a waterfall, then Mom and Dad took me to see Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Mom got the opportunity to test out a soft back carrier. I wasn't happy about being in it at first, but I warmed up to it after a few minutes.

The carrier definitely made it easier for Mom to hike along the trail since she didn't have to worry about me running off the edge.

We had a nice view of Zion National Park from the trail.

We were a little slow getting to the waterfall, so the rest of the family we hiked with left before we were ready to. We weren't far behind, though.

We just took a couple extra minutes for portraits.

Although, I had to ask Dad to stop taking pictures for a moment while I answered my pretend cell phone.

Later in the day we visited Cedar Breaks. It's a very pretty park.

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Rach said...

ERGO!! wahoo!