August 14, 2011

Zion National Park

I went to Zion National Park with my mom and dad and some other family. While waiting to leave, I watched the ground hogs and squirrels running around our cabin, and I spent some time with a couple of my cousins.

Once in Zion, I did a hike with other family members to a pool that is part of what is called The Emerald Pools.

I rode in my stroller for most of the hike, and even managed to get in a nap. 

The view was very pretty, although I missed it.

On the way back, I was able to hike for a short distance.

Then Mom and Dad spotted a squirrel. They didn't want me to try to chase after it (off onto the steep hillside), so back into the stroller I went.

Mom and Dad also spotted a lizard. I liked his blue tail.

When we got back to the beginning of the trail, by the river that runs through Zion, Mom and Dad spotted some of the family playing in the water.

Mom and Dad let me play, too.

The water was a bit muddy from recent rains.

But I had too much fun playing among the rocks and small waterfalls.

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Brookie said...

Awesome pictures Nicole! I love the last one of Evie on the rocks. Precious!