August 20, 2012

Day 7, Part 1: Interstate State Park

I did a couple short hikes with Mom and Dad in a state park called Interstate State Park. Our first hike was along a trail called Sandstone Bluffs Trail.

To get to the trail, we had to cross under a highway through a low-ceilinged tunnel filled with cobwebs.

Once we got to the other side of the road, we had to climb a long, steep set of stairs. I made it most of the way up before asking to be carried.

The sandstone bluffs were really interesting to see.

Before reaching the very top of the bluffs, we had to climb another set of stairs. These ones were carved right into the rock.

We caught site of a very green caterpillar (and maybe a very hungry one?)...

As well as some pretty flowers and ferns.

The trail at the top of the bluffs lead us through a nice green forest.

At one point we were able to get a view of the St. Croix River.

As we headed back down the bluffs, I needed a break from walking.

Eventually, I felt I had rested enough and I was ready to walk again.

Before making it back to the trail head, we had to climb yet another set of stairs to get over a small hill.

Back by our car, we had another nice view of the St. Croix.

That first hike wore me out pretty good. 

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