August 13, 2012

Summer Staycation in the Twin Cities, Day 1, Part 1

Our first day of vacation started out rainy, so we began our day at a museum called The Works. Thanks to a local library program called the Museum Adventure Pass, we all got in for free.

From The Works "about us" web page: "The Works is a “hands-on, minds-on” museum that makes learning about science and engineering interesting, understandable and fun."

Although I was too young to understand the science behind many of the exhibits, I was not too young to play and experiment.

I played a laser harp. I checked out my figure in a fun house mirror.

I shifted gears.

And I turned a wheel that made a bell ring.

I counted numbers on a scale.

I built with blocks.

I pushed buttons to try to make two stick legs pedal a bicycle.

I watched Mom and Dad try to make electronic bee toys follow a maze. (Mom and Dad wish they could have this toy at home.)

I built with big foam blocks.

Mom built this wall.

And I knocked it down.

I built a car to roll down an incline. Okay, Dad built me a car.

I lifted 20 lbs all by myself (thanks to pulleys). I  made designs with a laser.

I checked out the stories of a few professional engineers.

I tried to build a structure that could withstand an earthquake.

I played a traffic control computer game.

I composed music with my dad.

And I tinkered around in the the design lab.

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