August 14, 2012

Summer Staycation, Day 1, Part 2

As we left The Works museum, the weather cleared. Not wanting to head home just yet, we headed into downtown Minneapolis. More specifically, we visited Loring Park (where there was an art festival going on) and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Dad shared some maple ice cream.

We walked through the garden in Loring Park.

As we were leaving Loring Park (to cross over to the Sculpture Garden), we caught this egret standing in the water.

Soon the egret began weaving his head back and forth. I thought he was dancing for me! In fact, he was getting ready to eat a dragonfly for lunch.

In the Sculpture Garden, we caught site of a cicada high up on a tree's trunk.

And we looked at more flowers.

No visit to the Sculpture Garden is complete without capturing this scene.

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