August 21, 2012

Day 7, Part 2: Glacial Potholes

In another section of Interstate State Park, there is a short hike around exposed basalt rock that was carved up by a river (the ancestor to the St. Croix) formed from a melting glacier (a glacier that covered what is now Lake Superior). More about the geology of this park can be read here.

This part of the park is a kid's paradise for climbing and exploring.

You have to watch where you step as you climb around the rocks, though, to be sure you don't accidentally step/fall into one of the potholes. The potholes were formed by swirling water when the river was much larger.

Some potholes are much larger than others.

The colors in the rocks are interesting and very pretty.

Also interesting are the trees and plants growing right out of the rocks. 

Just before leaving the park, we caught people rock climbing along the cliff edges on the Wisconsin side.

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