September 22, 2013

Fort William Historical Park

The day after we arrived in Thunder Bay, we took Evie to Fort William Historical Park. A short pathway through the woods takes visitors to a native encampment just outside the fort.

As you walk away from the encampment, you end up alongside the Kaministikwia River and right by the entrance to the fort.

We visited a few buildings inside the fort, including the apothecary, the fur store, and the wintering house.

We then took a canoe ride, in a large birchbark canoe, on the river.

Evie was excited to go on the canoe, and she tried to keep up with the adults while helping to paddle. She was also the most enthusiastic one to shout out the greeting like the voyageurs used to do as they paddled into the dock at the fort.

After our ride in the canoe, we made our way over to Evie's favorite spot, the barns with the chickens, goats, and ducks.

After we left the fort, we went for a short, evening walk at a park by Lake Superior.

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