September 19, 2013

Longing for Summer

The problem with being behind in editing photos is that I have to go through the end of the summer pictures a few weeks after summer has ended.

Well, technically, summer doesn't end for a couple more days, but as far as swimming is concerned, it's been over for a couple of weeks now. And I'm sad to see the season go. 

I didn't do any swimming myself this summer, but Evie did A LOT of swimming, especially after we found a really fun (and free) wading pool nearby. 

It's only 15" deep, which is perfect for a little kid like her. 

Evie mostly practiced kicking in the water this summer as she floated around on her turtle. She loves that turtle, and she complained when I told her just the other day that it was time to deflate it and put it away. 

Evie has been asking this week if, after we do this chore or run that errand, we can go to the pool. I wish I could say yes.

Fall is pretty and the crispness in the air is nice, but I'm never ready for summer to end.

And I know there are indoor pools, but, really, they aren't the same. Not even close.

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