September 6, 2013

Minnesota's Irish Festival

There's an Irish Festival in Saint Paul, MN every August, and it's one of the better festivals in the Twin Cities, in my opinion.

We arrived shortly after the festival began on Saturday, August 10th. We walked through the tent area with vendors mostly selling kilts, candy, and jewelry. We then watched some dancers perform, and we watched some girls play a sport we know nothing about.

 We listened to some people playing bagpipes.

By the early afternoon, the crowd at the festival really began to thicken. 

And it was time for Evie to take a nap. Jon and I took advantage of Evie having fallen asleep in her stroller, and we took a walk around Harriet Island, away from the noise of the festival.

We took a quick walk around the festival one last time, then headed home.

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