May 19, 2012

Maple Grove Arbor Day Festival

Today was Arbor Day! We celebrated by going to a nearby community center for an Arbor Day Festival.

I first headed to the table where I could get a free tree "medallion." I colored a slice of wood, Mom wrote my name on it, then a piece of yarn was added so I could wear it like a necklace.

Then I moved on to a reptile table hosted by the Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo

I saw a snake.

I saw a tortoise.

And I saw a caiman (I think?). 

After meeting the reptiles, I met an emerald ash borer bug. 

And I met Smokey the Bear!

I even gave Smokey a hug,

I said goodbye to Smokey and headed over to where a kid band called The Splatter Sisters was playing. I was excited to show off my dance moves.

I even got to play a role in a song about a woman who ate all kinds of weird stuff (like bugs and cats and things). I played the cat.

Further proof that I am definitely not an introvert!

The last presentation we stayed for was a raptor show, done by the University of Maryland's Raptor Center. 

First bird out was a screech owl.

Then we saw a peregrine falcon.

The third bird was a red-tailed hawk.

He decided he was hungry for lunch.

The fourth bird was a great horned owl.

And the finale was a bald eagle! Such a big bird!

Mom didn't notice the rat when she took this picture... 

The eagle decided he was too nervous to be hungry.

And that was it!

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