May 7, 2012

Soccer Try Out

Mom and Dad bought a soccer ball for me to play with at the park. Today was the first day we had a chance to kick it around.




Let me try that again...

Check out my form.

I tried running while kicking the ball to Dad.

Then Mom got distracted by some leaves.

And I got distracted by some dandelions.

Then a garbage truck drove by. I was fascinated by it, but a little nervous, too.

After Mom and Dad had enough of running around, they sat down for a while.

I sat with them for a minute...

...but quickly got the urge to run some more.

I had a lot of fun with my new ball. I think I like it.


Brookie said...

Fabulous post. A girl playing soccer..melt. my. heart. I enjoy you Nicole.

Evie & Evie's Mom said...

Thank you! She loves kicking around the soccer ball.

Rach said...

Soooo cute!! I really want to meet this Evie! Evie, come visit California!

Evie & Evie's Mom said...

I wish we could make plans to head to California! Hopefully someday! And if you're ever in MN let us know!