May 21, 2012

What a Busy, Busy Day

This morning I channeled my inner master gardener with my dad before he headed out for work.

First, I planted a tiny tree in a pot.

I dumped a little soil in to the pot.

I added the tree.

Then I poured more soil around the roots.

Dad added water.

We patted down the soil, then we moved on to planting some flower seeds.

Who needs a shovel when you can use your hands?

Dad sprinkled the flower seeds, then we finished filling the planter with dirt, and moved on to planting some sunflower seeds.

I took the seeds out of Dad's hand.

And I pushed the seeds into the soil of our third planter.

Lastly, I added water to all of our pots.

After Dad left for work, Mom took me to Lake Camelot Park for a walk. I got a new toy umbrella stroller yesterday, and I had to bring it with me and take my baby for a walk, too.

We spotted pretty little purple flowers along the trail.

We looked for turtles and barn swallows on the boardwalk.

C'mon Mom! No more pictures!

Along our walk I picked my baby up so I could add some pretend groceries to the stroller.

Then we continued along.

And we came across more pretty purple flowers.

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