May 26, 2012

Rainy Day Arboretum

We visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum again today.

Because the day started with heavy rain, we first headed to a building called the Learning Center where there were some kid activities.

I played at a table filled with sunflower seeds.

I pretty much could have stayed all day in this one spot.

I moved on, though, to planting a sunflower, one that is supposed to grow taller than me, taller than my mom, and probably taller than my dad.

After planting my seed, I glued some other seeds to a picture of a sunflower and colored in the petals of the flower.

Then I helped water some plants in a greenhouse. 

I took my job very seriously.

We left the Learning Center to walk through the gardens behind the visitor center. 

We seemed to be the only people visiting the arboretum. It was nice.

Hey, look!

I'm going to jump!

Although the sun was supposed to peak out a little (according to the weather forecast), it stayed cloudy ALL day. It was okay, though. The rain did make all the plants and trees look nice and lush. 

We took our chances walking a path through the woods to get to a boardwalk that crosses a bog and gives a nice view of a pond. I found a thin, flexible stick along the way. I bent it into a tear-drop shape and pretended it was a camera. Here I am taking a picture of Dad taking a picture of me.

It ended up being a really nice day despite the wet, grey weather.

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Rach said...

That DOES look like a nice day!! Thanks for sharing!