July 18, 2012

Been a While

Despite the fact that Lake Camelot park is only a couple minutes drive away, it's been a while since I last visited it. I've been so busy this summer, I just haven't had many opportunities to take a morning or an afternoon and go for a walk there.

I was supposed to go swimming today... Then it rained and rained all morning, and when the rain stopped, it stayed cloudy. I ended up being stuck in house all day. So, about an hour and a half before my bedtime, my mom put me in the car and we got out for some fresh air.

Before leaving, though, Mom took a picture of one of our flowers in full bloom.

There were a lot of flowers in bloom at the park, as well.

And there were puddles for me to jump in. 

I love wearing my rain boots.

The pond/lake is covered now in lilly pads.

Before finishing our walk, we stopped to swing for a few moments.

And I made funny faces for Mom.

Before we left, Mom just happened to glance this hummingbird moth flying around these flowers. He's a pretty cool looking bug.

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Diane Mangicotti said...

You are one lucky young lady. Mom is teaching you so much by taking you on these excrusions.
Loverresupoe Aunt Diane