July 12, 2012

Circus Manduhai

Mom took me to a free circus/acrobat performance today put on by Circus Manduhai. I was enthralled with the performance. I even attempted to copy the stunts being performed in front of me. I was thinking I might want to sign up for a dance class sometime soon. Now, I might want to sign up for a gymnastics class!

Before leaving the house and during a few moments when I didn't want to cooperate with getting fully dressed, Mom snuck outside to capture a picture of one of the flowers budding on my plants right now.

Despite taking my time to get ready, we still arrived early enough to the show to get a good spot to sit (not that I cared)...

...and feed bread to some fish in the pond by the stage.

I also fed the one duck who was hungry. All the rest swam away after eating a couple bites. 

To pass the time, I showed off my superior jumping abilities.

Once the show began...

...I kept my eyes trained on the stage.

And if you made it this far down, then you know I had a lot of fun!

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