July 3, 2012

Eidem Homestead

Today, I spent my morning at a farm called Eidem Homestead in Brooklyn Park, MN.

I arrived in time for story time.

Then I toured the farm.

I get really excited to interact with animals and play outside. At this farm, the workers set out hay and some dry corn for kids to feed goats, sheep, and a cow. I did not hesitate to take advantage of this activity.

Along with the bigger animals, there are chickens and ducks. I didn't get to feed them, but I was happy to watch them in their cages, 

Because it was very hot out (we've had upper 90s temperatures during the day for about a week now), most everyone left pretty quickly after the story time ended. I was able to revisit the goats and sheep and get more up close and personal with these animals once the crowd thinned out.

Sort of by accident, I ended up helping to pump water into a bucket for watering plants around the farm. I was just standing to the side, watching other kids help with the process, when the worker asked if I wanted to take a turn.

While walking through the gardens, Mom found an inch worm on her arm. She held my hand up to her arm, and the inch worm crawled onto me!

I'm usually pretty thrilled by bugs, but I wasn't sure what to think about this one. His little sticky legs felt a little more prickly than I was used to. 

There were lots of things to see at the farm, and I was pretty interested in most of what I saw.

Before leaving, I got a turn on the wooden swing near the entrance. I think that was my second favorite part of the farm, coming in close behind feeding the animals.

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