May 4, 2011

Different Day, Same ...

I think the only thing Mom knows to do with me during the week is take me to parks, whether they're natural parks or playgrounds. I know she's excited to be outside since it's finally warming up enough to be comfortable when out. I'm certainly not complaining. I get good exercise and I sleep well on days like these.

Mom took me to a playground nearby where she knew some other moms would be bringing their kids, too. There was one little girl in particular I followed around for a while. Mom thought it was cute.

I've been wanting to go down the big kid slides on my own recently. Mom thought I was still too little, but she forgets that I'm a little daredevil and not scared of that kind of stuff. She decided to let me make the decision to go alone today. Hey, it saved her having to go down the big slides a bunch of times with me.

After I tired myself out, Mom took me for a walk around a pond next to the playground so she could watch some birds, including all the barn swallows that kept flying past, eating bugs and skimming water from the pond. One was gracious enough to land nearby and let Mom and me get kind of close.

Mom spotted this plant growing under the water and thought it would make for a funky picture.

Towards the end of the walk I got a little tired of Mom stopping so much. It was almost lunchtime, I was hungry, and I was getting sleepy.

Mom stopped just one last time to get a couple pictures of some flowers, the first wild flowers she seen growing this spring.

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