May 23, 2011

Post Tornado, Pre Police

It rained a lot over the weekend, and we had severe thunder storms Saturday night and throughout Sunday. Thankfully, the storms don't wake me up at night, and during the day I hardly notice them. A tornado touched down not far from where we were doing some shopping Sunday afternoon. We didn't see it, but we got soaked from the downpour of rain that hit just before the tornado while running from one store to another.

After the storm passed through, the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Dad needed to go for a run, so we headed to the park close to home. Mom walked with me while Dad did his run.

When Mom and I got about halfway around the lake Dad finished his run and met back up with us. I was able to get out of my stroller and walk the rest of the way around.

I insisted on spending some time at the playground, even though it was covered in water.

I only got a couple trips down the slide before a guy approached Mom and Dad. He said there were police cars all around the area, that they were blocking off a part of a neighborhood close by, and that we should leave the playground because there was someone dangerous around, possibly with a gun. I wasn't happy, but Mom and Dad put me in the car and drove home. On the way, we passed by all the cop cars, where at least one officer stood outside with a shotgun in his hands. Hopefully they caught who they were looking for.

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