May 3, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

If you ask me what my favorite part of the day is, I could give you two answers.

First, falling asleep in Mom's lap. There's nothing more cozy.

Second, taking walks in the park, especially when I'm able to get out of my stroller and do some exploring on my own.

Today, I got to do both. It was an awesome day.

I explored the steps of a house built in 1854. It is one of a handful of homes remaining from Minnesota's territorial era (according to the Three Rivers Park District website).

Mom took me over to a boardwalk with a really pretty view.

Mom spotted this log with fungi on it while looking for birds in the woods just beyond the boardwalk.

Then we stopped at an older bridge for a while where I picked pieces of rock out of a cement wall and threw them into the creek below.

I had to show Mom a particularly large one I dug out.

Mom took me over to a dirt path that had lots and lots of rocks. I practiced throwing them, though I couldn't get them to go very far. I usually don't get to play in the dirt, so it was a special treat.

And that was the end of our walk.

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