May 19, 2011

Growing Up

Mom noticed some changes in me yesterday. My speech is becoming more complex, my facial expressions more expressive, and, overall, I'm just looking and acting older. Because we've gone out to a park every morning this week, I expected nothing less than that today. Despite Mom needing to get dinner started by noon (she's making pulled pork in the slow cooker), and having to run a couple of errands, she made time to take me for a walk.

It's so green out now. It must be because of all the rain we've had so far this spring.

I didn't see this birdie, but Mom spotted him. He's an Eastern Bluebird.

There were very pretty blossoms next to the trail.

This is the lake by where we saw the snapping turtle last evening.

Halfway through the walk I got tired of riding in the stroller and wanted to walk on my own so I could explore.

There were a lot of interesting rocks and bugs (ants) in the grass.

I was interested in these blossoms for a minute.

But the dandelions attracted me the most.

I got tired of walking, so Mom plopped me back in the stroller. We were close to the car, so she didn't strap me in. I took advantage and rode on the part where my feet rest so I could play with the buckles.

Is it just Mom, or am I looking more and more like a little girl?

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