May 25, 2011

Mom's Menu Review: Qdoba

There's not a whole lot to say about Qdoba Mexican Grill. They offer the following to kids under the age of 12:

Lil' Naked Chicken Burrito
Lil' Chicken Quesadilla
Lil' Cheese Quesadilla
Lil' Chicken Nachos
Single Taco

The meals include a side of applesauce, beans, or tortilla chips and 100% juice, 1% milk, or a small fountain drink. We went with the applesauce and milk. The applesauce was a cup of the Mott's brand.

The options are fair enough, and even a little better than some other fast food type places. We ordered the chicken quesadilla for Evie. It wasn't greasy, and Evie really enjoyed it.

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