May 18, 2011

Making Friends

Instead of driving to the park today, Mom walked me to the one nearby. Other moms she knew were going to be there with their kids. The trees in our neighborhood are finally blossoming. (And the leasing office for our complex finally switched out a bunch of gaudy fake flowers outside for real plants.)

It wouldn't be a typical trip to the park without a walk around the lake first. Since I didn't realize we were by the playground, I didn't mind. Mom and I spotted these barn swallows hanging out under the boardwalk.

And Mom saw lots of turtles swimming under the water. The water is very clear, so they're easy to see, at least for her.

I haven't really noticed, but Mom remarked that she likes seeing the lake as it changes with the season.

I brought along a book this time to help me identify any ducks I saw.

Unfortunately, there weren't any ducks around. But the water on the lake was really pretty.

At the playground I was mostly interested in playing in the sand. The dirtier I can get, the better.

I began to wonder what it tasted like. I got a couple licks in before Mom dragged me away and cleaned me up.

After I got clean, Mom directed me to the other part of the playground, where I could climb.

I found a couple kids hanging out in a tube. I've become more aware of other kids around me, and I've been interested in socializing with them. I'm still not quite sure how it exactly works, though.

Then I got tired and hungry, so Mom took me home. On the way, she stopped to look at one more tree with blossoms.

I didn't even notice because I had passed out in my stroller (after I put my sunglasses on, of course).

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