May 21, 2011

Road Trip

Dad had to work today, representing his company at a tree climbing competition in Rochester, MN. Even though the location was two hours away, Mom agreed to take me down to the competition so Dad could have some extra time hanging out with me.

Not that I was awake for it, but the entire drive down it rained. At first, it was just some sprinkles. Then it turned into a heavy mist that left Mom feeling like she was driving with blurry eyes. And for the last half of the drive, Mom endured downpour after downpour. By the time she arrived at the park, she was just a little exhausted. It turned out that Mom happened to hit a long, skinny band of severe storms, and if she had left the house maybe ten or twenty minutes later, she could have completely avoided them. At least the skies cleared within minutes of Mom and me arriving at the competition.

We hung out with Dad a little bit.

I chased some ducklings (and made the mom really mad), I fed a goose, and even let the goose bite my finger (I thought it was funny, even though the goose was the same size as me). I also played in the mud left over from all the rain. It was quite tasty. Too bad I only got one lick in.

Dad got a little busy, so Mom took me for a little walk. The area we were in was really pretty.

Towards the end of the afternoon Mom let me play at the playground (after a bunch of other kids mopped up the water from the slides with their clothes). I even made a friend. 

It was fun. And even though I slept almost the whole way home and got home just minutes before my bed time, I still went to bed without a problem.

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