May 13, 2011


Today's post is brought to you by the letter H, for hodgepodge. Because there's going to be a hodgepodge of photos.

Mom practiced using the flash off camera with a soft box. I wasn't particularly in the mood to have my picture taken, and I tried to thwart Mom's efforts various times by running to her and sitting in her lap. Alas, she managed to get a couple of pictures, anyway.

In the late morning Dad called and asked Mom if she wanted to meet him at the Como Zoo in St. Paul. She agreed. Before heading into the city, Mom stopped to pick up some lunch for me to eat in the car. I only got about halfway through it before the car lulled me to sleep. 

At the zoo, I saw a fat cougar...

Some giraffes (my favorite)...

And some pretty flowers.

After we got home, Mom let me eat a piece of her tres leches cake.

While I ran around all crazy afterward from my sugar high, Mom took a trip down memory lane, going through some of the photos Dad took with his phone camera. 

This is me the day I was born. 

Mom can hardly remember me being so small.


During the late summer last year I got to spend a couple evenings with Dad listening to bands play music. Music always gets me excited to dance.

This is from one of the first times I went to a playground. 

Passed out in Mom's arms. What else could be better?

This is me riding the metro with Mom, going into DC for our last rally. Thankfully, it was the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. A great event to end our time in DC.

When Dad applied for his new job here in Minnesota, Mom and I got to travel with him. I wasn't super happy to be on a plane and having to sit in Mom and Dad's laps, but I eventually fell asleep, then before I knew it the plane ride was over.

Before my hair got very long, I would sometimes have some funky styles. At least I had the facial expressions to go with them. 

 I got pretty exhausted helping with our move.

This is me helping to wash my hair.

And that's it!

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