May 10, 2011

Mom's Review: Kid Menu at Sawatdee Thai Restaurant

Eating out with Evie isn't always easy, and it's not because of her. Kids' menus rarely have good options for kids. The chicken nuggets, grilled cheeses, or hot dogs wouldn't be so bad if they could be paired with something other than french fries. If we want Evie to have a vegetable other than a starchy potato (like carrots or broccoli), or if we want her to have fruit, we usually have to order from the sides section of the menu or plan to give her something from our own meal.

On Mother's Day we ended up eating lunch at Sawatdee in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The decision was mostly made by the fact that it was the only restaurant we noticed was open in the area (even though the area is more of a tourist section than a business one). Thai food sounded all right, and we took the chance that there would be something we could order for Evie.

My first complaint that I have for this restaurant (and most others) is that they need to put the kids' menu on their website. They have their regular menu on there. It would be nice to know what is offered to kids.

My second complaint is that not a single item on the kids' menu included a dish that didn't have some sort of creamy cheese, sticky sauce, or oily sauce accompanying it. Sure, an older child can handle better the messier dishes, but the last thing I want is to have my toddlers fingers and face covered in goop that can easily stain her clothes.

My third complaint is that not a single item on the kids' menu included a side dish of anything other than french fries. How hard is it to provide at least a steamed vegetables option?

I don't remember at this point all of the specific dishes on the kids' menu, but we ended up not choosing a single one. There is nothing good we could say about what was offered, at least from the perspective of trying to feed a toddler. We just picked some plain rice, noodles, vegetables, and chicken from the dishes we ordered and gave them to Evie.

The food overall at Sawatdee was mediocre and the service was not good, so we won't ever eat at that restaurant again anyway. Even if the food was good, I probably wouldn't go back because it's too hard to eat there with a kid under the age of about five.

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