May 23, 2011

Mom's Menu Review: Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant

Saturday afternoon found our family in Rochester, MN. The tree climbing competition my husband attended had ended, and we were preparing to drive back home. All three of us were hungry, so we looked for a place to eat close to the highway. We saw a restaurant called Dos Amigos on Google maps, and we chose to eat there (this was the Highway 52 location).

The decor of the restaurant was a bit tacky, it was on the smaller side, and a little dark inside. I wasn't sure about it when I pulled into the parking lot, but having had a long day, and looking at a long drive back home, I was in no mood to look for somewhere else to eat.

We were immediately taken back to a table, and we asked for a booster seat this time rather than a highchair. Evie did much better sitting at the table in a booster. Maybe somehow it felt a little more like she was sitting like Mom and Dad. We were handed our menus, including a white sheet of paper with a kid menu printed on it, and we were given four crayons for Evie to use to color.

The kid menu included these six entrees:

1. One taco, Mexican rice and fried beans
2. Enchilada, rice and beans
3. One burrito and order of rice
4. Cheese quesadilla and order of rice
5. Mexican hamburger with fries
6. Chicken nuggets with fries

There was no information on the menu about what the taco included as far as type of meat, or if any vegetables, like lettuce or tomatoes, would be added. There also was no information about whether the burrito would include just beans or if it came with any meat. Besides the fries, which really don't count, I don't think any meal included anything from the vegetable category.

The meal included a drink, but only soda (and water) were included at no extra charge. If you wanted milk or orange juice for your child, you had to pay $.35 extra. We opted to just go with water.

We ordered the cheese quesadilla with rice for Evie. And it was just that, a flour tortilla with cheese melted in the middle, and a big pile of seasoned rice taking up the other half of her plate. Evie ate much of her food, but I was less than impressed.

As we finished our meals and waited for the check to arrive, I asked Jon if he would mind changing Evie's diaper before we got on the road. He checked the men's restroom for a baby changing station, but none was in there. I needed to use the restroom before we left, and upon entering the women's bathroom (it was just a small room with one toilet), lo-and-behold, there was a baby changing station. I ended up changing Evie's diaper, but not without giving my husband an earful about how frustrating it is to patronize a business that won't provide a changing pad in BOTH restrooms. (And I've yet to encounter a business with only a baby changing station in the men's bathroom.)

I can say I will never return to Dos Amigos. It was a very unpleasant eating experience.

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