May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Part 2

Mom had planned a couple things she wanted to do for Mother's Day, but the weather didn't cooperate. So,  we did other stuff instead.

Our morning started at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, where Dad took some portraits of Mom and me (even if I didn't want to cooperate).

The "centerpiece" of the park is a piece of art called Spoonbridge and Cherry. While we there, at least three photographers took portraits of young couples by it. I found a lot of birds by the pond the spoon crosses. See if you can spot the robin I'm chasing in the photo below.

After checking out the sculpture garden we went to lunch. While eating it began to rain. It didn't look like it was going to let up for a while, so Mom and Dad decided to take me to the Minnesota Children's Museum. Mom got in for free since it was Mother's Day. 

We started in the Earth World room. There was a creek with water flowing for me to play in.

And I had no idea beavers built slides into the sides of their dens!

There was a section all about ants. It included an ant hill with (very skinny) tunnels to crawl through and oversized (and scary) ant faces poking out of the walls. The queen ant sat in a small cave-like area. She was much bigger than me. I wasn't quite sure what to think about her.

Next, we moved on to a temporary exhibit called Lego Castle Adventure. I found a slide in that room, too.

They had a table with lots of small Legos for older kids to build things, and they had an area on the floor with soft, oversized Legos for kids like me (under the age of four). 

After checking out the Legos, we moved on to a room called Habitot. It was my favorite room because it was designed for toddlers.

The last room we went to was Our World. There was a play grocery store, play kitchen, play medical clinic, among other things. I liked the grocery store for its shopping carts. 

I filled my cart up with lots of produce. I know what the good stuff is!

We couldn't leave without one last "portrait" at the museum. 

On our way home the clouds parted and the sun shone a little. We stopped at a nearby park for more portraits because the light was nice.

Mom couldn't keep her eyes open while Dad took pictures because of the flash, so I made fun of her for it.

Yeah, I can be kind of a goofball.

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