May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Part 1

On Saturday Mom and Dad took me to the park... again.

... Sigh ...

Okay, I don't get tired of getting outside to play. Besides, Dad hasn't been able to go to the park with me as often as Mom. It was nice having him there. I wanted to show Dad that I could go down the big kid slides by myself, but...

I was a little unsure of going down the big slide, and...

I ended up falling forward and going down the slide face first. Oops! Good thing it's a slow ride. Still, it made me nervous enough to not want to go down the big slides by myself anymore.

I stuck to areas where I had more control after that.

Mom convinced me to go down the big slide again, but I would only do it if I could sit in her lap.

Dad was taking so many pictures, I kept trying to run away from him... but he kept catching up to me.

After a while I tired myself out and was ready to leave.

Mom put me in my stroller, and I napped while she walked around with Dad and looked for birds. 

With all the momma geese sitting on nests in the area, there should be some goslings around soon!

Mom showed Dad where the chickadee nest is located. 

Then they watched the barn swallows catch insects.

Dad showed Mom an interesting bud on a tree.

It was supposed to be a quick walk, but with the nice weather, all the birds around, and me taking a nap, Mom and Dad decided to take it slow.

Towards the end of the walk I woke up. Dad caught me with my sleepy eyes and stroller bed head. 

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